'Warcraft' Director Duncan Jones Is Working On A Comic Book Movie Next

Duncan Jones's long-awaited film Mute didn't make much noise when it was released to Netflix earlier this year, but the director is forging ahead on his next project. While it looked like it would be a sequel to Warcraft, Jones recently tweeted hopes for a followup were unlikely. And now today Jones has teased that his next film will be based on a comic book. Which one? He's decided to play coy on that score...

Of course, the speculation is that it will be something from Marvel or DC but I seriously doubt that. Jones told Joblo some months back that he's interested in doing lesser-known comic book movies, which wipes out most titles from the Big 2 companies.  I highly doubt it will even be a superhero movie.

Let's wait and see what the next tease is, but my curiosity is piqued.