Sacha Baron Cohen's Mystery Trump Project May Be Headed To Showtime

The mystery surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen's recent trolling of Donald Trump appears to have been solved. On July 4th Cohen teased....something, that would put Trump in his comedy crosshairs. Also in recent days Showtime has been dropping promos for a secret comedy show that they couldn't provide any details on because the creator wouldn't let them...

Now Variety reports the two projects are the same, with Cohen and Showtime in negotiations to air the series. It's being described as interview-style, which is very similar to Cohen's past stuff with Da Ali G. Show. That would be why Cohen has been showing old footage of his interview with Trump, reigniting a rivalry that has been going for a few years.  Plus, there have been talks for months that Cohen interviewed O.J. Simpson for a future project, presumably this one.

The show will premiere on July 15th so we won't have to wait long to find out the truth. Maybe it's a show hosted by Cohen and everybody ever fired from Trump's Cabinet? Man, those would be some long opening credits.