Sacha Baron Cohen Uses Dick Cheney To Tease New Series, 'Who Is America?'

I can't believe I'm posting about a Sacha Baron Cohen TV series because I neither care about Cohen and even less about the Showtime network. And yet the politics of it have lured me in, and I can't wait to see how he can further enrage a politically divided country. What better time could there be for the series we now know will be titled Who Is America?

The news was confirmed by Vulture who have spotted posters for the interview series all over New York, captioned "You've Been Warned."  It was only just days ago when Cohen dropped the first infamous teaser, featuring a previous encounter with his rival Donald Trump. That was followed by Showtime and Cohen entering talks for the new series, which would be similar to what he did on Da Ali G Show. And now we have one more tease, which reveals a couple of key details. First, that Cohen has been shooting this new program for a year; and second, that Dick Cheney's cold, metal heart warms when asked to give his autograph, no matter how stupid the item is he's signing.

Look for Who Is America? to hit Showtime on July 15th!