Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Project By Trolling Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn't like Sacha Baron Cohen. I'm guessing the feeling is mutual. In 2012 the Trumpster lashed out at Cohen, a "third rate character", for pulling an embarrassing prank on Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars. He ended the diatribe by telling Cohen he should "go to school" because he "doesn't know shit" about being funny, apparently. Well, Cohen finally has his diploma.

Yesterday Cohen tweeted out a teaser which is a video of everything described above, including the "go to school" bit. It ends with a caption that reads, “Sacha graduates SOON.”

Sounds like Cohen, who has been keeping a low profile lately, has something Trump related in the works. It may have something to do with Trump University, the pseudo business school our con-man President opened to fleece students. Or it's just an attack on Trump himself, and frankly I don't care as long as it's funny and takes him down a peg. Or two.

We haven't seen an original work from Cohen in years, not since 2012's The Dictator which, now that I think about it, would be a pretty good title for a movie about Trump.  His most recent films, Grimsby and Alice Through the Looking Glass, were both really terrible. He spent some time attached to the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody before leaving over creative differences. Next for him is a Netflix series titled The Spy, which is expected this year.

I'm not a fan of Cohen per se, but I see the potential in what he could do to someone like Trump who is notoriously thin-skinned. Case in point, the below video which features the first encounter between Trump and Cohen's rapper character Ali G. Trump would later lie and say he immediately left the interview, a claim Cohen refuted.