Robin Wright Declares Her Independence In New 'House Of Cards' Teaser

Hopefully yesterday you stuffed your face full of hamburgers and hot dogs, as a way of celebrating this country's independence on the Fourth of July. For Robin Wright, yesterday was a chance to celebrate her independence in a totally different way, in a new teaser for House of Cards' sixth and final season.

The video is only 12 seconds long and it features Wright as Claire Underwood, who will take over as the central character next season. While short, the message is pretty clear: she, and the entire show, are now independent from Kevin Spacey who was fired last year over sexual misconduct allegations. This is now her show, 100 % free and clear.  The prior season's finale featured Claire, who had just taken over as President after her husband resigned in disgrace, breaking the fourth wall to say "My turn."  You see that quote return in this teaser as a hashtag, too.

House of Cards returns to Netflix later this year.