'Quantum And Woody' TV Series Is In The Works From The Russo Brothers

With Avengers 4 wrapping up, so too does the Russo Brothers' stint at Marvel Studios. The directing duo came out of nowhere when they took the reins of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, quickly becoming Marvel's go-to directors for their biggest projects. But now that they've launched their own studio, the films they've taken on have nothing to do with Marvel, but in many cases they've stayed in the realm of superheroes. Their latest fits the bill, as it's an adaptation of the popular Valiant Comics series, Quantum and Woody.

The Russos will exec-produce a TV series for TBS based on Christopher Priest's Quantum and Woody comics. Inspired by Marvel's Power Man & Iron Fist, along with the buddy sports comedy White Men Can't Jump, the comic centers on estranged adoptive brothers who are reunited over the death of their father. While investigating his death they are accidentally imbued with unstable powers, forcing them to clang their metal wristbands together once every 24 hours to avoid being dissolved. What stood out about Quantum and Woody was its sense of humor. One brother was a straight-laced hero, while the other is a total slacker, and flying against comic book norms it was the white character portrayed as the irresponsible comic relief.

Joel McHale (Community) has been rumored for one of the lead roles, while the pilot will be written by Ant-man & the Wasp duo  Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

Add this to the growing list of Valiant Comics adaptations including Bloodshot, Faith, Harbinger, and Harbinger Wars. [Deadline]