Keri Russell Confirmed for 'Star Wars IX'

Fresh on the heels of the news that both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (through archival footage) will be featured in the closing chapter of the latest set of Star Wars saga films we have confirmation that Felicity herself and star of the recently completed The Americans, Keri Russell will be joining the cast for Episode IX. The rumors which have been circulating for a week or so now, with many people guessing that Russell will be portraying Rey's mother, were just confirmed via StarWars.com. Russell's deal was apparently not complete when the other casting news broke so she got to have the spotlight all to herself for this headline. I think the chances of her being Rey's Mom are slim, and not because Kylo Ren was telling the truth...we all know that was BS, but because I think it's just too spot on. The resemblance between Russell and Daisy Ridley is strong to the point of being obvious, for something that sure to be such a big plot point I feel like they would have hidden this casting if that were the case, not to mention the ages don't seem right, Keri Russell could definitely play Rey's older sister, or aunt even, but Mom? Nah, not quite yet. My bet is she plays a strong willed leader in the resistance or, on a sexier note, a domineering First Order officer! Whatever the role we are sure to be inundated with news on the last chapter of the Rey/Ren saga as production gears up.

Shooting for Star Wars: Episode IX begins next week in London.