*UPDATE* Jeremy Renner Confirmed For Twitch Williams Role In Todd McFarlane's 'Spawn'

*UPDATE: It's official! Deadline has confirmed Jeremy Renner for the role of detective "Twitch" Williams in Todd McFarlane's Spawn. He joins Jamie Foxx, who will play the demonic Hellspawn who comes to rely on Williams' smarts and intuition to aid in the fight against evil. Original story is below!*

Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye has probably had the least to do of any Avenger, but if the latest rumor from That Hashtag Show is true, he's about to take on a different comic book role with more screen time. The site reports Renner is in talks to join Todd McFarlane's Spawn movie, taking on the role of detective Twitch Williams.

Twitch Williams is one of the human detectives, along with his loyal partner Sam Burke, investigating the weird happenings around Al Simmons, the human alter ego of Spawn.  The Sam and Twitch duo were so popular from their appearances in the Spawn comic they eventually were spun into their own series. The role of Twitch would make Renner the human lead of the film, although Jamie Foxx is still on board as the title character. Spawn isn't expected to be on screen much as McFarlane goes for a less-is-more approach to the demonic antihero.

Of course, we should consider the source on this one. If there's any kind of confirmation we'll be sure to give an update.  Renner can be seen now in the comedy Tag, and he'll return as Hawkeye (or Ronin?) in next year's Avengers 4.