IFC Midnight's 'Our House' Trailer: Angry Spirits Make Terrible Houseguests

For Anthony Scott Burns' feature directing debut, Our House, he's not content to stick with one genre, but to combine two of them to hopefully make something great. Paranormal horror and science-fiction merge with the IFC Midnight release, which stars Thomas Mann of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and Nicolas Peltz from Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Featuring a script co-written by Nathan Parker (Moon), Our House centers on a tragedy that forces an older brother to stay at home caring for his younger siblings. In his spare time he works on an invention that he hopes will generate wireless electricity, but instead it inadvertently raises the spirits of the dead, and that may include those of his dead parents.

This looks to me like your typical everyday indie chiller, but the thing that has me interested is the duo of Mann and Peltz. Mann appears seemingly everywhere, from Project X to Kong: Skull Island to last month's Brain on Fire, and he's always solid. Peltz gets flack for her Transformers role but we know how badly women are written in those. She did good stuff over on Bates Motel, so maybe horror is the genre that suits her best.

Our House opens July 27th in theaters and VOD.