HBO Has Finally Greenlit A 'Deadwood' Movie For Spring 2019

In honor of the great Al Swearengen, HBO finally stopped being a bunch of cocksuckers and green lit the Deadwood movie. 

That's right, the acclaimed Western series created by David Milch is finally getting the movie its fans have long clamored for.  The announcement was made at the TCA summer event, with HBO programming president Casey Bloys saying, “All of these people worked hard to get this together. It’s been a logistics nightmare getting all the cast members schedules together but we are there. It is greenlit.”

And that's really been the major hurdle, getting the hugely talented and very busy cast back together. Missing even a single key castmember would have been disastrous because they were all so integral to the show's success over three seasons. During that time it won multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe, but was cancelled rather unceremoniously in 2006, leaving fans to hope for a movie or some means of wrapping up storylines. 

The best news of all? We won't even have to wait long. Shooting is expected to start in October for a spring 2019 release. [Variety]