Geoff Johns Talks 'Green Lantern Corps', Calls It A Reimagining

Geoff Johns may not have his big swanky position in DC Entertainment that he once had, but he's still plenty busy on the film, TV, and comics sides of the business. And of course he was EVERYWHERE at San Diego Comic-Con talking about his various projects, including the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film he's a part of.

Johns spoke with IGN about Green Lantern Corps, and he likens it to what he did with the Green Lantern: Rebirth storyline which reimagined much of the GL legacy...

"It's a complete re-imagining, just like I did in Green Lantern Rebirth with the comics. Hopefully I'm going to be delivering a script that Warner (Brothers) loves and the DC likes, and that they want to make. It's going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way, but also if you've read my Green Lantern run it's very much inline with some stuff we did in there."

That would fit with what we've seen from Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! up to this point. The DCEU is headed in a new direction and Green Lantern Corps, which has been rumored to be a buddy cop film featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart, should be a big part of that.