Edgar Wright Teases 'Baby Driver 2' Could Be Coming "Soon"

If I'm being perfectly honest, the desire for a Baby Driver sequel isn't there. Or at least it wasn't. But the last year of Edgar Wright teasing the possibility has piqued my curiosity with what he could do to followup one of last year's best moviegoing experiences. And that teasing by Wright continues, only this time he seems to have moved up the time frame to "soon".

What we've heard in the past from Wright is that he will at least write a sequel to his hit musical-action flick with the killer soundtrack. But honestly, I can't see anybody else getting behind the camera for this other than him.  It's his visual style, musical selection, and enthusiasm that made the first movie so special. And while I'd really like to see what else Wright can do, there's nobody else who should be behind the camera for Baby Driver 2.