‘Cloak and Dagger’ S1E7: “Lotus Eaters”

Last week on Cloak and Dagger, Tandy tried to get in good with young Mina, an idealistic Roxxon employee whose father happened to be on the oil rig the same night that changed her and Tyrone’s lives forever.  Eventually, Mina found out who she really was, and gave Tandy the chance to talk with her father.  The downside was that he father has been in a catatonic state since the oil rig explosion.  Even he trying to use her light powers didn’t work as she couldn’t open the door.  She needed Tyrone’s help and lucky for her, he just happened to her after almost being shot by Connors.

The episode starts back to eight years ago when Mina was a young girl, spending the morning with her father Ivan.  Mina always goes through a routine with her father to ensure that he comes home in one piece.  Of course, we all know what’s going to happen.  When he gets to the rig, it seems like a normal day.  However, Ivan learns that the shielding tiles ordered (something important for the rig’s safety) weren’t ordered by Roxxon, which causes Ivan to worry.  Later on, an alarm goes off on the rig, which means the accident/event is about to take place.

Tyrone is distraught about his one lead to take Connor down has been killed.  His brother’s former friend had been partnering with the crooked cop, and Tyrone was almost able to get him to flip against him when Connor engineered it for him to be killed during the meeting.  As sympathetic as Tandy is to what Tyrone is going through, she also needs his help in reaching Ivan and going through the door.  Tyrone later meets her at Ivan’s hospital where they both decide to use their powers to go into Ivan’s mind.

Once they both touch him, they reach the door and although Tandy cannot open it, Tyrone can.  Once the door is opened, the two are transported onto the Roxxon rig.  As soon as they get there, they are attacked by some of the workers on that rig.  For the first time, they can be attacked (and hurt) by while within someone’s mind.  Tandy, now in full control of her dagger powers, is throwing light daggers like a seasoned pro.  Tyrone doesn’t have offensive abilities (yet), so he manages to master his ability to teleport, so that the possessed rig workers cannot hurt him as he fights with them.  They make it to the room where Ivan is and talk with him.  However, Ivan isn’t too helpful.  He doesn’t even know his own name.  He’s excited as they are new people he sees, and even more excited that they “have names.”  It’s clear something wrong is going on.  After the first alarm goes off, Ivan tells them that they have less than two minutes before the rig explodes and they have to shut off the vale, but they won’t be successful.  Tandy and Tyrone then run to the core room to try and shut it off, fighting more rig workers during that time.  However, time runs out and then there’s an explosion.

As soon as the explosion happens, Tandy and Tyrone end up right back in the room with Ivan.  Because they are in his mind, they are stuck in a time loop.  It’s essentially Groundhog’s Day for them.  They continue to relive the same two-minute scenario over and over through the episode.  They find out that Ivan’s mind has snapped and doesn’t remember anything of his life outside of this two-minute event because he’s done this more than two hundred thousand times.  When Tandy brings up who she is and her father, Ivan remembers he’s the “guy on the phone.”

This causes Tandy to stop dead in her tracks.  The phone rings and she instead picks it up, and she’s not talking to her father for the first time in eight years.  Sure, it’s an alternate reality inside a catatonic person’s mind, but to her, it’s very real.  She then carries on conversations with her father loop after loop.  Tyrone knows this isn’t good and manages to convince Tandy that he’s not real and they need to leave Ivan’s mind.  Tandy agrees and then they go back to the real world, only Tandy doesn’t.  She’s content to remain and have the chance to talk with her father.  Tyrone goes back into Ivan’s mind to get Tandy, only for her to no longer recognize him.  In the two minutes he was in the real world, she experiences the two-minute loop more than two hundred times.  She’s now losing her mind just like Ivan did.  She eventually remembers Tyrone’s name but still wants to remain behind.  The two argue about her having to leave and come to grips that it’s not really her father.  He tells Tandy to ask her “father” something only he would know.  When she asks him if she’s in the back seat while he calls, he says no, helping her snap out of it, which she does.  But they still need to get out of Ivan’s mind.  Tyrone had already shut off the vale, only for the loop to continue.  They realize that the person who needs to shut it off is Ivan.  Tandy and Tyrone provide backup against the rig workers and help Ivan shut off the vale.

They all wake up at Ivan’s hospital.  Ivan has no idea who they are, even though they all went on this adventure in his mind.  Mina is ecstatic that her father has regained consciousness after eight years.  Hopefully, Tandy can get some much-needed answers concerning Roxxon now.  Tyrone and Tandy go back to their different homes.  Tyrone goes through his box of memories (including Tandy’s ballet shoe) and finds an old tape recorder of him and his brother rapping.  He then gives Tandy a call as he just “needs someone to talk to.”  It’s clear that the two, who are first, couldn’t stand each other, are now connected in a very deep and emotional way.  They both listen to him and his brother’s tape on the phone, finding comfort in each other.

Next week, they take the fight to their enemies: