'Christopher Robin' Trailer: Ewan McGregor Joins Winnie The Pooh For A New Adventure

How can you make a Winnie the Pooh movie that isn't fun? The previous teasers for Christopher Robin were certainly wondrous, but fun it definitely wasn't, choosing instead to focus on the story's dramatic aspects. Fortunately, that's corrected in this latest trailer which features more of Pooh and his pals from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Directed by Marc Forster and starring Ewan McGregor as the grown-up Christopher Robin, who is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of adulthood. He's lost his sense of imagination, until he encounters his old friend Pooh, who along with the other stuffed animals help Christopher Robin find his inner child again. This looks positively charming, as Robin and his animal pals run free in the forests Where the Wild Things Are style.  If only they could find a way to crossover with Paddington it'd be perfect.

Here's the official synopsis: In the heartwarming live action adventure Disney’s “Christopher Robin,” the young boy who shared countless adventures with his band of lovable stuffed animals in the Hundred Acre Wood is now grown up and living in London but he has lost his way. Now it is up to his childhood friends to venture into our world and help Christopher Robin rediscover the joys of family life, the value of friendship and to appreciate the simple pleasures in life once again.

Starring Hayley Atwell, Mark Gatiss, and the voices of Jim Cummings, Brad Garrett, Peter Capaldi, Toby Jones, Sophie Okenedo, and Nick Mohammed, Christopher Robin opens August 3rd.