'Bumblebee' Is First 'Transformers' Movie Ever To Hit Comic-Con

This is something I hadn't really thought about, but in all of my time going to San Diego Comic-Con there has never been a Transformers panel. Not for Michael Bay's live-action movies, anyway. That's wild. It seems like such an obvious stop for them to make, but then most of the films come out before the event takes place each year. And it's not as if the franchise has needed the boost....well, they didn't before Transformers: The Last Knight. Well, Transformers is coming to Comic-Con for the first time next month when Bumblebee motors into Hall H.

I speculated recently that Paramount may bring the Transformers spinoff to Hall H this year and now Deadline has confirmed it.  On hand will be director Travis Knight, no stranger since he's brought Laika films there in the past. Joining him will be stars John Cena, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. No Bumblebee, of course, but I expect there will be something gimmicky cooked up to make up for the CGI robot's unavailability.  I expect Bumblebee will have an even larger presence on the showfloor as part of the Paramount booth. If there isn't a replica Volkswagon Bug to hop into I'll be sorely disappointed.

Bumblebee opens December 21st.  Comic-Con runs from July 19th-22nd.