Your Tax Dollars At Work: Trump Made A Bizarre Blockbuster Movie Trailer For Kim Jong-un

If you were up into the wee hours of the morning like I was then you were undoubtedly glued to the spectacle of seeing two fat, narcissistic dictators have the handshake heard round the world. Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's meeting was definitely historic, no matter how you feel about either guy, and true to our current White House occupant's history in showbiz he turned the event into a spectacle. We just didn't know how far it went.

Trump, who has turned the Presidency into a daily episode of daytime TV, created a blockbuster movie trailer hyping up the meeting. Yeah, that's right, it's a real thing and made to look like it'll be hitting theaters near you soon. How does it play? Exactly how you think, like the trailer for a Roland Emmerich disaster movie or a sequel to Michael Bay's Armageddon. All it needs is a meteor strike to bring the whole thing together. Then again, some would say (Fuck it, I would say it) a summit between these two tyrants is enough of a planetary disaster. 

So check it out, and remember this isn't some gag from Stephen Colbert or anything. It's where your tax dollars are going.