'The Last Jedi' Derangement Goes Wild As Fan Remake Gains Steam

Is there such a thing as "The Last Jedi Derangement Syndrome"? If not, I think it should be an actual affliction suffered by those who just can't let that damn movie go. At least it provides us with this ray of comic sunshine. A few weeks ago a Twitter account emerged, @RMTheLastJedi, which was beginning efforts to remake Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Say what? While that sounds ridiculous all by itself, the details are even wackier.

They've pledge to cover the entire budget of remaking The Last Jedi, and claim to have producers willing to shell out $200M (!!!) to make that happen. Who in the blue Hell are these producers, anyway, who would be willing to run afoul of Disney???  Nobody, that's who.  Anyway, they've also begun crowdsourcing efforts on their website, which boasts a big "WELCOME TO THE REBELLION" headline. And like all rebellions, they don't even ask for your personal or financial information to sign up and pledge, which I'm guessing will make actually collecting the millions of dollars in supposed donations (!!!) a bit dicey. We'll see.

The goal of the campaign is to "make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys." Damn, why didn't Disney think of that, rather than making a movie they knew everyone would hate? That's just bad business! 

Obviously this isn't going anywhere. I mean...they know they have to get Disney and Lucasfilm's permission for this, right? And how about hiring the actors back? They have to agree to it, too, don't they? The whole thing has gone viral and caught the attention of Rian Johnson himself who feels the way that I do about this...

Fuck. Yes.