'The Gifted' Star Emma Dumont To Lead Comic Adaptation 'Razor'

Emma Dumont is best known for playing the Lorna Dane aka Polaris in Fox's X-Men tv series, The Gifted, but her biggest film role will be for a different comic book adaptation. Dumont will play the title character in Razor, based on the Everett Hartsoe comic and directed by Rob Cohen.

Dumont will play Nicole Mitchell, a young woman who witnessed the murder of her cop father by a gang of upwardly mobile criminals, the trauma of which sent her in a sanitarium for a decade which is where she formulates her complex plan for revenge and her superheroine persona, Razor, noted for her suit equipped with razor blades.

There's clearly potential for a franchise here, especially with Cohen at the helm. He launched both the XXX and The Fast and the Furious franchises, while most recently directing The Hurricane Heist.