'Skate Kitchen' Trailer: Jaden Smith Stars Alongside The Real-Life Skateboarding Crew

In case you didn't know, today is national Go Skateboarding Day. For real. So grab your deck and grind the rails, kid. Anyway, that makes this the perfect day to debut Crystal Moselle's skateboarding drama, Skate Kitchen, which debuted at Sundance and stars Jaden Smith alongside the real-life skate crew.

Moselle is best known for her acclaimed but controversial documentary, The Wolfpack, a film that I belive to be a complete work of fiction. So good thing that she's now tackling her first narrative feature with Skate Kitchen, which stars newcomer and skateboarder Rachelle Vinberg as Camille, an introverted teen who joins the all-girl skate collective.  Jaden Smith plays the mysterious skater that she forms a tricky relationship with, no pun intended. Actual members of the Skate Kitchen crew are joined by co-stars Elizabeth Rodriguez (Logan) and Taylor Gray (Star Wars Rebels).  The film was nominated for Sundance's NEXT Audience Award.

Skate Kitchen opens August 10th in select cities.