Rumor: 'Man Of Steel 2' May Be Announced At Comic-Con Next Month

I've been trying to keep you all up to date on what will be making a big splash next month in San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H, the place where all of the biggest announcements happen. Warner Bros. looks to be in the pole position with Marvel taking a year off, and so far we've got confirmations of Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman, with the possibility of Shazam! showing off some footage. It would be weird to have a DC presentation without Superman, though, and now a new rumor says we should expect something on the Man of Steel.

According to the El Fanboy Podcast (via ThePlaylist), Man of Steel 2 could be part of the show. Furthermore, Superman could be appearing in Shazam! as a kind of lead-in to it.  Ohhh really???? ::wrings hands eagerly::  I don't know what any of this means, but here's what I do know:  Warner Bros. is NOT having a Hall H presentation without Superman being a part of it. Period.  It would be a huge missed opportunity for them not to, and nowis the perfect time as any to show how far they've come from the Zack Snyder era by announcing plans for the character he brought back to the big screen. If they're smart they'll also have the new director come walking out on stage to shock the crowd. If they end Saturday's events with a solid Man of Steel 2 reveal they will have stolen the show.

Numerous directors have been rumored for sequel, including Matthew Vaughn and George Miller. Who knows if any of them will be involved creatively, but it's been clear for a while that there is a lot of interest in charting the Kryptonian's next solo adventure.

Fingers crossed.  San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 19th-22nd.