Mark Wahlberg And Peter Berg Are Bringing 'Spenser: For Hire' To Netflix

The duo of Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg has been clicking through three movies already: Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, and Patriots Day. It should be extended to four with next month's Mile 22, which we just learned already has a sequel in the works. Whether they come back for that one isn't clear yet, but it does look like the winning tag team will be together a while longer.

Berg and Wahlberg are headed to Netflix for a new crime thriller titled Wonderland. As usual it will be Berg behind the camera with Wahlberg starring. The film is based on the Spenser line of novels by author Robert B. Parker, centering on the titular Boston private detective as he's sucked into a criminal underworld and investigates a murder conspiracy. This particualar story was published in 2013 and written by Ace Atkins.

The Spenser character was spun off into a popular TV series titled Spenser: For Hire starring Robert Urich. That was then spun off into another show, A Man Called Hawk which starred Avery Brooks when he was super intimidating. Both shows were arguably my Dad's favorites (along with Magnum P.I.) so I watched a lot of them when I was younger.

All in all there have been over 40 Spenser novels so you know what that means! Franchise! Clearly that's what Netflix is hoping for here as they continue to expand into blockbuster territory. It doesn't get more "blockbuster" than Berg and Wahlberg, does it? [Variety]