'How It Ends' Trailer: Theo James And Forest Whitaker In Netflix's Apocalyptic Road Movie

Netflix has been putting out dozens of original movies, but lately they've also begun to increase the size of those movies. They're now putting out blockbuster level films, like last year's Bright, Michael Bay's Six Underground, and Martin Scorsese's upcoming The Irishman. The latest to come from the streaming giant is post-apocalyptic thriller How It Ends, which stars Forest Whitaker and Theo James, two actors with plenty of experience with big studio projects.

The trailer promises a lot of action and a surface-level view of the plot, which looks pretty standard by genre standards. James plays a man who must team up with his estranged father-in-law (Whitaker) to get across the country and save his pregnant wife when a mysterious apocalyptic event is triggered. I like that they are keeping the circumstances surrounding the cataclysmic event a secret, and hopefully when revealed it makes this world a little more distinct.

The cast is solid but I'm really intrigued to see what Rosenthal can do with a movie of this scale. He's mostly done smallish indies like Janney Jones and the vastly underrated A Single Shot, while his biggest studio movie was the domestic thriller The Perfect Guy.  He's also got a remake of Jacob's Ladder on the way.

Also starring Kerry Bishe, Mark O'Brien, Grace Dove, and Kat Graham, How It Ends hits Netflix on July 13th.