Gal Gadot Is Suited Up For Action In New Look At 'Wonder Woman 1984'

Only a few days ago we got the first look at Wonder Woman 1984 with images of Chris Pine and Gal Gadot. Now Gadot has released a new photo that gives us another look at her in the sequel, only this time she's suited up for action.

For those eyeballing the costume to see if there are any major changes, it doesn't appear that there have been any. I'm more interested in the golden, shimmery location Wonder Woman seems to be at. Back on Thymiscira, maybe? I wonder if the 1980s have found their way to Paradise Island?

Hopefully a shot of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah is up next. The images seem to be dropping pretty regularly at this point.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens November 1st 2019.