'Demolition Man' And Taco Bell Are Teaming On An Awesome Comic-Con Pop-Up Shop

One of the main reasons I still go to San Diego Comic-Con each year is the amazing stuff that happens away from the event. This year I've already got my eye on hitting a special pop-up shop celebrating the 25th anniversay of the release of Demolition Man. And if you've seen the movie then you probably know where the pop-up will be: yep, it's at a Taco Bell.

Warner Bros. and Taco Bell are teaming up on the special pop-up honoring the 1993 sci-fi movie that starred Sylvester Stallone, a blond-haired Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock. The partnership will "offer a Demolition Man pop-up and a futuristic and upscale Taco Bell dining experience near the convention center” where exclusive Taco Bell and Demolition Man merchandise will be on sale."

In case you forgot, Demolition Man starred Stallone as rebellious LAPD cop John Spartan who is frozen in cryo-crystals along with his nemesis, a terrorist named Simon Phoenix (Snipes). In the year 2032 Phoenix escapes, and the peaceful society needs help capturing him, so they release Spartan to help out. Suffice it to say, the rough 'n rugged Spartan does not mesh with those snowflakes in the future. Well, one unique identifier in this futuristic society (besides the three seashells) is that all of the restaurants are Taco Bells.

So why this particular partnership between Comic-Con and Taco Bell? It's all part of the latter's announcement that they are bringing back Nacho Fries, which I guess weren't on the menu for a while? The shop will be offering free food nightly beginning at 6pm for each night of Comic-Con, which starts on July 19th.

If I make it there, I'll send pics. Assuming they use better quality meat than some of Demolition Man's other fine dining establishments. [SDCC Blog]