Warner Bros. May Bring Ben Affleck And 'The Batman' To Comic-Con

With Marvel bowing out of a major presentation at next month's San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. has another opportunity to steal the show. Arguably they've had Hall H presentations on par if not better than Marvel every year, but the excitement of the moment is later steamrolled by lackluster movies. Will that be the case this time, too? A new rumor claims to have the breakdown of what DC Films projects will be on display.

The first one is a no-brainer, and that's a trailer for Aquaman. Hall H is where the first big trailers tend to debut and Warner Bros. has used the platform to premiere Justice League, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman footage in the past. The film sees Jason Momoa reprising his role as the Atlantean hero, with James Wan directing. I would expect that Momoa, who had a blast during the Justice League panel last summer, to come surfing back onto the stage along with the film's co-stars.

Another one that's unsurprising is a teaser for Shazam! The time seems right for at least a tiny bit of footage from the Zachary Levi movie, especially since we've already seen images of him as the iconic DC Comics hero. And possibly some concept art for Wonder Woman 2 since production officially begins this month. The rumor goes that it would focus mostly on Kristen Wiig as the villainous Cheetah.  I would actually think more from the '80s-set sequel could be available since we've seen teasers cut in less time in order to make a big Comic-Con splash.

While the story also suggests Warner Bros. will unveil a full DC Films slate, that wouldn't be such a big deal. Last year they did exactly that, teasing Flashpoint, Green Lantern Corps, and other films that are either off the schedule, dramatically changed, or going nowhere.

The big surprise would be if Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck arrive to hype up The Batman as the rumor suggests. I have a hard time buying this one but it would be the biggest news of the Con if true. First of all, it would confirm recent buzz that Affleck may be sticking around as Batman, especially now that Jake Gyllenhaal has signed up for Spider-Man: Homecoming 2. But with development on the movie seeming to move so slow, with a villain reportedly unconfirmed, a big announcement seems unlikely. Would Warner Bros. risk embarrassing themselves by announcing a release date they may not be able to hit?

So we'll see how this goes. I intend to be in Hall H as all of the news breaks, and when it does you'll be among the first to know! [ScreenRant]