Chris Pine's Steve Trevor Returns (Somehow) In First Looks At 'Wonder Woman 1984'

She survived World War I, but can Wonder Woman possibly have what it takes to take on the '80s and come out alive? The tracksuits alone may do her in. Today, Patty Jenkins took to Twitter and revealed the first look at the Wonder Woman sequel, while also confirming its title to be Wonder Woman 1984. Not sure about that title but if anybody can make it work, it's Jenkins.

The image features Chris Pine, in his tracksuit glory, as the returning from the dead Steve Trevor. How exactly is that possible? I have theories that don't involve being frozen in ice (Captain America called dibs on that one), but I'm curious to see what Jenkins and newly-demoted co-writer Geoff Johns came up with. Maybe this Steve is a shapeshifter of some kind? A clone, perhaps? Maybe he crashed through a wormhole that transported him to the dawn of MTV?

Star Gal Gadot also tweeted out an image featuring Diana staring at a bank of era-appropriate TV monitors. You're practically waiting for Max Headroom to show his face. There's a good chance her scene takes place in the same shopping mall (Mall? What are those??) as the one Pine finds himself in. Maybe Diana took a job working security?

Sadly, no looks at Kristen Wiig as Cheetah but I think we'll have to wait for Comic-Con for that.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens November 1st 2019.