Ben Affleck 'The Batman' Rumors Resurface, But Do They Reveal Anything New?

I struggled with whether or not to even post this story but a conversation with a pal convinced me to go ahead and do it, so here goes. Buried in Deadline's story about Geoff Johns' exit from DC Entertainment was the claim, almost as an aside, that Matt Reeves' The Batman is being rebooted and will star anybody other than Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader.

So how is this any different from what we've been hearing for months?

Far too many sites ran with the story and have posted headlines to it as fact, apparently without ever reading the source report. Because if they did they would see how Deadline is basically reciting the same rumors that have been circulating long before now. Granted, there has been some will he/won't he drama surrounding Affleck but the prevailing idea is that he's out. Nothing has changed that.

Plus, if Deadline really had a story of that magnitude don't you think it would warrant its own separate report, rather than crammed into a much larger piece? Come on.  Trust me, when Warner Bros. makes a decision on Affleck's Batman future it will be unmistakable. They won't be able to stop themselves from making a show of it, so expect to learn something concrete maybe at Comic-Con. It definitely won't be an afterthought.