'Ant-Man' Director Peyton Reed Still Wants To Scratch That 'Fantastic Four' Itch

Peyton Reed made a splash as a director way back in 2000 with the unforgettable cheerleading comedy, Bring It On. For a long stretch after that he was sortof a journeyman filmmaker, bouncing from comedy to comedy until he was Marvel's unexpected choice to replace Edgar Wright on Ant-Man. Yeah, remember that?  Seems like a lifetime ago. He's now become one of their best success stories, but he almost ended up on a completely different Marvel film: the Fantastic Four.

Reed was attached to a Fantastic Four movie for 20th Century Fox that never came to be. It was so far back that it was actually the Tim Story films that eventually made their way to the screen.  But Reed still has that itch to scratch, bringing the characters up in a conversation with CinemaBlend...

“Well, I have been known to mention ‘Fantastic Four’ in conversations that may or may not have happened in the Marvel hallways. It’s all a giant question mark at this point because no one knows if this merger is going to happen. It was on, it was off, it was on… who knows. I guess I can dream, right? I can have the dream. We’ll see. Time will tell!” 

If the Fox/Disney deal goes through then Reed would have to be in the driver's seat to help relaunch Fantastic Four. Anything to help us forget that Josh Trank disaster from a few years ago.

Reed will hope to impress with Ant-Man and the Wasp which opens July 6th.