Ryan Reynolds Joins Michael Bay For Netflix Action Flick 'Six Underground'

You don't get Michael Bay for cheap. He's a big time director and his movies cost a lot of money, but they also tend to bank a ton of cash so it's worth it. How that translates for Netflix, who have just ponied up a whopping $150M for Bay's previously announced action flick, Six Underground, remains to be seen but the investment is already paying off. How? Because Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds is coming on board to star.

Reynolds will star in Six Underground, and more than having a chance to work with Bay the reason probably has to do with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The duo are behind both massively successful Deadpool movies that Reynolds stars in, so why break up the band?  They're also working together on a potentially R-rated remake of Clue.

Deadline describes Six Underground as a "high octane mission movie" which sounds like pure Bay all the way. This would be the biggest investment in a film by Netflix, surpassing the near $100M budget of Bright. While that film was panned by critics it was loved by Netflix's subscribers and has a sequel in the works. So clearly they see the cost as worth it.

This will be Bay's next film with production to begin this summer for release in 2019. He'll follow that up with the long-developing adaptation of Robopocalypse.