Ron Howard Weighs In On 'Solo' Disappointing At The Box Office

Solo: A Star Wars Story failed to launch over the weekend, earning just $148M worldwide over the course of the Memorial Day weekend. Trying to pinpoint one exact reason why it was a dud is silly. It could be any number of things for a troubled production that fired its directors halfway through and replaced them with someone who is their polar opposite. Ron Howard came in and cobbled together a solidly entertaining film just right for the summer season it was released in. Maybe the bad buzz was just too tough to overcome.

Whatever the reason, we now have Howard's first reactions to Solo's disappointing start. In a tweet, Howard basically urges fans to give the film a chance and see it for themselves. 

I would definitely second that. Solo is a fun movie, imperfect but a completely different kind of Star Wars experience. It asks you to simply sit back and enjoy the ride, and I think most who have seen it can say they did. Still, it's kinda bad taste for Howard to be taking a victory lap over it being a personal best. Pretty sure Disney is looking at this tweet screwface right now.

But there's still no getting around that box office, especially for a movie that cost around $300M to produce. At this rate it'll probably break that number and land somewhere between $400M-$500M. If that's the case then we're looking at the first Star Wars film to truly underwhelm financially, and it could spark a change in Disney's approach to them in the future.