Review: ‘Most Likely To Murder’ Starring Adam Pally, Rachel Bloom, And Vincent Kartheiser

Most Likely to Murder tells the story of Billy (Adam Pally), a popular kid in high school who moved away from his hometown to live in Las Vegas. A lot can change in the years after graduation and Billy is about to find that out the hard way.  Billy comes home for Thanksgiving expecting to pick up right where he left off. The cast of characters from his high school years is the same, but they have all seemingly moved on with their lives and grown up while Billy is still trying to relive his glory days – so much so that he refers to himself as the ‘King’ of their school. Even though Billy has moved away, he still hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend Kara (Rachel Bloom) and reaches out to her periodically with messages oozing of desperation.

One of the first stops that Billy makes when getting back into town is to meet up with his old friend Duane (co-writer Doug Mand) and head to the local bar to reclaim his throne in front of his old high school classmates. Instead, it starts to become crystal clear that Billy may not be as cool as he thinks he is. On top of that, Kara is now dating Billy’s creepy neighbor Lowell (Vincent Kartheiser). Billy responds as any level headed adult would, he gets hammered. That night, Billy goes home and sees Lowell acting incredibly strange – shirtless and screaming and throwing away mysterious items in the wee hours of the night. The next morning Billy wakes up to see paramedics wheeling a body out of Lowell’s house and into an ambulance – this has to be a coincidence though…right?

Most Likely to Murder is a silly and offbeat murder mystery. It never commits to being a comedy or a crime film which leaves it lacking in both categories. Dan Gregor, who co-wrote and directed, and cowriter Mand do succeed in highlighting the chemistry between the cast. Everyone plays off of each other which helps drive the film forward. There are a small handful of memorable scenes throughout, especially the annual Thanksgiving football game and some great scenes with 90s references, but these scenes are few and far between. Gregor and Mand manage to cleverly weave in high school interactions that Billy had with classmates into the present – it’s great to see Billy desperately trying to prove a murder to the Police, but the local officer can only fixate on an alleged sex tape that Billy may have made in high school with his wife. Most Likely to Murder is a decent movie that is fairly unique. The film won’t blow your socks off, but is worth a watch to see some of the absurd moments that Billy and the other misfit cast of characters find themselves in. For all you know, Most Likely to Murder might have you questioning your own high school superlatives.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5