Review: ‘Carter & June’ Shows What People Will Do For A Dream Pay Day

Carter & June tells the story of, you guessed it, two con artists named Carter (Michael Raymond-James) and June (Samaire Armstrong). Carter is a sly, smooth talker, who happens to owe money to some big wigs across town. The film is set in Louisiana but it seems like it could have taken place in a variety of southern towns. Spencer Rabbit (Timothy Omundson) is the owner of a local strip club, aptly named the Rabbit Hole, who lent Carter money and is anxious to get paid. Spencer feels like he has waited long enough and decides to establish some stricter, and deadlier, timelines for Carter. Carter must do whatever he can to come up with thousands of dollars before the next day or he’ll feel Spencer’s wrath.

Luckily for Carter, he gets a call from a friend that couldn’t have come at a better time. She works at a bank and has a plan to steal half a million dollars that one of their clients has in a locked box. In order to complete the heist, Carter is going to have to round up some help – and that’s where his ex-girlfriend June comes in. June is dealing with a custody battle and needs money to win. With everyone on board, they set the plan in motion. Unfortunately none of them could have accounted for Officer Twitty (James Landry Hebert) who was at the scene and throws a wrench in the entire operation.

Carter & June is a ridiculous ride. The characters are all over the top, but they fit in the absurd world that writer/director Nicholas Kalikow has created. It is almost as if all of the major players throughout the film are hyperboles. The film dives into the skeezy underworld and shows what can go on behind the scenes. The acting leaves a ton to be desired, but in a weird way it kind of works in the film. There is a good amount of action and some funny lines throughout – but I couldn’t get over the fact that Carter & June felt more like a film class project than professional movie. I will say that Carter & June has quite the short run time and doesn't have any dull moments. The flick is not family friendly in the slightest - it is chock full of nudity, violence, and adult language, and sometimes unnecessarily at that. When it boils down to it, Carter & June is about a multitude of different people who are all desperate for money, and they will stop at nothing to get it. If you’re looking for a quick and silly heist movie that is straight up bizarre at times, Carter & June fits the bill. 

Rating: 2 out of 5