Michael B. Jordan And 'Black Panther' Writer Reteam For 'Failsafe' At Netflix

After the record-breaking (well, for a while) success of Black Panther it's no shock that Michael B. Jordan and screenwriter Joe Robert Cole are turning to another comic book property for their next collaboration. Only this one is way more obscure and will undoubtedly lean hard on their connection to that Marvel film to sell it. Deadline reports Jordan and Cole will team up for Netflix's Failsafe, based on the Vault Comics graphic novel by F.J. Desanto and Todd Farmer.

Cole is set to write the script but right now Jordan is only going to produce with the possibility of starring if he likes the screenplay and scheduling works out. The story centers on nanotech-powered supersoldier John Ravane, who thought his personal war against other enhanced soldiers was over, only to discover a decade later that sleeper agents are activating everywhere in a bid to take over the country.

This continues Jordan's relationship with Netflix, the home for his upcoming sci-fi drama series, Raising Dion.