Marvel's 'Inhumans' Finally Gets The Ax, But What Happens To It Now?

I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes, but Marvel fucks shit up, too. Case in point: Inhumans, which isn't just some bad TV series that had low ratings and quietly vanished. Nah, it was a very public humiliation and a slow moving disaster from the start. After an abysmal first season that nobody liked, the stench of death was in the air and ABC has officially dropped the ax.

Inhumans was part of ABC's purge of numerous shows I've never watched so won't comment on. But I did watch Inhumans, and found it to be diverting enough, while recognizing that it still wasn't up to the usual Marvel standard. That has been obvious from the start, though. Remember, Marvel's Kevin Feige originally meant it to be a movie within the MCU with a release date for 2018. Instead, they decided to go in a different direction by hiring a director known for C-list, bargain basement movies, and teaming with IMAX to show the first two episodes in theaters.

The experiment was a disaster. They had a huge event for it at Comic-Con in July, and the buzz out of it was not good at all. Trailers made the series look shoddy, and the bad buzz continued through the series premiere to what we now know was the series finale. But we've known it was done a long time ago. ABC has been dead silent on its future for months, which wasn't a good sign.

So what happens to Inhumans now? There's always a chance they try again with a movie, but I think Marvel is filling the same niche with their Eternals project. Maybe if Agents of SHIELD returns for another season they can be folded back into that show, which is where their story first began. Or maybe another of Disney's networks picks it up, or it becomes part of their streaming service? I really don't want an MCU without a Lockjaw in it somewhere.