'Infinity War' SPOILERS: James Gunn Is Back To Tell You Some Really Sad Sh*t About Groot Again

James Gunn was at it again, kicking all of you Groot fans right in the feels with some really really sad shit revelations you probably didn't need to know, but were curious about. In this case it has to do with Avengers: Infinity War, and the teenage Groot's final words uttered to Rocket as the previously-sullen tree began to fade away in the wake of Thanos' genocidal actions. All we knew is that whatever he said really shook Rocket up, and now we know what it is. Prepare yourself.

Oooof, yeah that hurts. The Vin Diesel-voiced tree creature doesn't really it's not Bradley Cooper who is his Dad but actually Dwayne Johnson since he totally sonned his Fast & Furious franchise away from him.

So yeah, Gunn has a habit of doing this stuff every time Groot dies. He was the one who told unsuspecting fans that the original Groot is REALLY dead and that baby Groot wasn't a reincarnation or anything. Now that version is gone, too, and who knows what we'll end up with in Avengers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Just rest assured that when he gets killed off Gunn will be there to make sure you feel every bit of it.