Idris Elba To Direct And Star In A Modern 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame' For Netflix

Idris Elba's first partnership with Netflix didn't work out so hot. Beasts of No Nation was expected by many to be an Oscar contender but the streaming network was still going through some growing pains and had no idea how to mount an awards campaign. Actually...they still have that problem. That said, Elba is furthering his relationship with Netflix, first by producing and starring in the series Turn Up Charlie, and now by setting his next directorial effort.

Elba will direct and star in an adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the 19th-century Victor Hugo story about the titular hunchback who falls in love with the beautiful Esmerelda. This version will be a modern retelling written by Michael Mitnick (The Current War), providing a "sonic and musical experience". That's unsurprising given Elba's use of music in his recent directorial debut, Yardie.

No word on where this fits into Elba's schedule. He can be seen right now in Avengers: Infinity War, reprising his role as Heimdall. [THR]