Disney Teases A New Franchise After 'Avengers 4', But The Avengers Likely Aren't Done

This will come as a surprise on two fronts, I'm sure, but Disney is planning new franchises after Avengers 4, although that film shouldn't be considered the end of the Avengers. Well, no shit.  Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed the future of the MCU during an earnings call where he talked about the future while praising the massive box office of Avengers: Infinity War...

“We meet on a regular basis with our Marvel team, and we’ve plotted out Marvel movies that will take us well into the next decade,” said Iger. “I’m guessing we will try our hand at what I’ll call a new franchise beyond ‘Avengers,’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see more ‘Avengers’ down the road. We just haven’t made any announcements about that.”

We've always known Avengers 4 wouldn't be the end of anything, but a "new beginning" of sorts. I expect there will be plenty of new franchises beyond the ones we already know about like Captain Marvel and Black Widow.  The only films confirmed for Marvel's Phase 4 are a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming next year, Black Panther 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2020.

So what do we think this new franchise might be? My guess is it's something like New Avengers, which would be what Marvel did in the comics and would make sense in this situation, too. [THR]