'Deadpool 2' Thanks Fans 'Golden Girls' Style

Deadpool 2 opened last week with a gigantic $300M worldwide, and looks poised to have another big weekend through Memorial Day. And..what? You thought because the sequel was already a huge hit that the wildly entertaining promos would just stop? Nah, because Ryan Reynolds and Co. now want to say thank you to the fans who made it all happen. And they're doing it in the style of a Golden Girls parody.

This is a great video, and I absolutely hated Golden Girls. And I like that they use the characters' real names, which we don't really hear in the movie. So you get "Nathan Summers as Cable", "Neena Thurman as Domino", and Colossus whose name is annoyingly long even for a Russian.

Check it out, have a laugh, and wonder what Betty White could be like as a member of X-Force.