'Custody' Trailer: A Family Is Torn Apart In Xavier Legrand's Award-Winning Drama

The central premise of Xavier Legrand's directorial debut, Custody, is a familiar one. A couple in the middle of a messy divorce and deciding on custody of their child. By most accounts from the film's rave reviews out of TIFF and Venice (where Legrand won Best Director), little else about it goes down the typical route for Hollywood dramas on this subject matter.

Starring Lea Drucker (In My Skin) and Denis Menochet (Assassins Creed), the film finds divorced parents locked in a custody battle over their son (Thomas Gioria), with the proceedings growing nastier by the second, which you can hear ticking away as tensions escalate. 

This is Legrand's followup to his Oscar-nominated short, Just Before Losing Everything, which features the same cast and is seen as an expansion of that story. Custody opens on June 29th in New York.