Congrats Keep Rolling In For Marvel's Record Breaking Weekend, But Not From DC Films!

It feels petty to keep piling on DC Films like this, but how embarrassing must it be to have Avengers: Infinity War surpass the entire $657M theatrical run of Justice League in only four days. Yeah, that's what happened, and we saw it coming when Marvel's blockbuster sent shockwaves with a $640M opening weekend. It only took a few hours into Monday for it to lap Justice League and now sits at over $700M worldwide. 

DC, you got a lot of work to do. Just sayin'.

Infinity War continues to level box office records like Thanos leveling half the universe. The $640m global debut is the biggest of all-time, besting The Fate of the Furious' $541.9M by a healthy margin. Infinity War also finds itself the unquestioned champ on the domestic front, claiming the mantle of biggest opening ever for a superhero movie. But most impressive is the $258M domestic total which bests 2015's The Force Awakens.

Customarily when a studio loses the title for biggest opening weekend there is some public display of congratulations, and now we have a tweet from Lucasfilm celebrating Marvel's phenomenal success. The tweet shows Rey passing the baton, or in this case a lightsaber, over into Iron Man's hands. I bet he wishes he had that in his fight against Thanos...

Even better is the congratulatory tweet by Ryan Reynolds, showing the rejection letter Deadpool received after applying to the Avengers. Awwwww, poor guy. Don't worry, in about a year you may be able to join the team more easily.