Boba Fett Movie Finally Moves Forward With 'Logan' Director James Mangold

That Boba Fett movie we've been hearing about for years is finally happening. THR reports Logan director James Mangold will write and direct a solo movie about Star Wars' most infamous bounty hunter. Simon Kinberg, who has been involved in the project since 2012, will also contribute although it's unclear in what capacity.

You may recall it was set in motion a few years ago with Chronicle and Fantastic Four director Josh Trank, until he quite famously imploded.  If everything had proceeded normally we would be seeing it this weekend rather than Solo. It was to be officially announced at Star Wars Celebration, with stinger reel to accompany it, but none of that came to be.

I feel we know a lot about Fett already, despite his only having brief scenes in the original trilogy, beginning in The Empire Strikes Back. He was then supposedly killed off in Return of the Jedi, albeit in really shitty fashion, and later inserted into A New Hope via George Lucas' tinkering around. We also went on to learn waaaaay too much about him and his father Jango Fett in the Star Wars prequels nobody liked. So it'll be interesting to see when this story takes place. Maybe it'll begin with him stuck in the Sarlacc Pit's maw?

It's also unclear when this movie might be released. There are still signs that an Obi-Wan spinoff is coming with Stephen Daldry at the helm, but it doesn't seem to be moving too quickly. Mangold is currently developing a movie about the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, so presumably Boba Fett would come after that.