'The Misandrists' Trailer: Radical Queer Feminists Put Patriarchy On Notice

Patriarchy beware! The Female Liberation Army is here and they're looking to hit where it hurts! Of all the crazy trailers you might see this week none of them will prepare you for The Misandrists, LGBTQ icon Bruce LaBruce's in-your-face film that has been making the festival rounds and riling up crowds to promote the liberation of all women.

Like a Femi-Nazi take on The Beguiled, the film introduces us to the Female Liberation Army, a radical militant group of lesbians whose main objective is to dismantle Germany's patriarchy no matter what the cost. Men are not allowed on their commune at all, so when one of their number falls in love with a boy and hides him in the basement it sets off all kinds of fireworks. The film stars Susanne Sach├če, Viva Ruiz, Kembra Pfahler, Kita Updike, Til Schindler, Caprice Crawford, and Grete Gehrke. Here's the synopsis:

In Ger(wo)many, when an army of radical females is preparing for a final revolution and a utopian world without men, a young male soldier arrives seeking refuge at the convent.

While the plot is insane enough, it's LaBruce's visuals that will win you over. Looking like a cross between Spring Breakers and the early work of Gregg Araki, the film will open on May 25 in New York and June 1st in Los Angeles.