‘The Flash’ S4E19 Recap: “Fury Rogue”

Last week was a doozy on The Flash.  After trying to find the remaining bus metahumans, Team Flash faced off yet again against DeVoe.  Needless to say, it did not go so well.  They not only lost the remaining bus meta Edwin, who has the ability to teleport between dimensions, but they also lost someone near and dear to them.  Ralph, who was so focused on stopping and killing DeVoe, tried to take him on by himself, and that didn’t go so well as DeVoe killed him by taking over his body.  Team Flash surely took a big loss.  How will they get back up?

With Team Flash losing not only Ralph but also Killer Frost, they are in a bit of a slump.  Caitlin, who spent years resenting her evil metahuman alter ego, realized that she had genuine affection for her icy Mr. Hyde persona.  Wells is also having problems.  Having spent the last few episodes using the “thinking cap” to further enhance his intelligence (to the point where he became addicted to it), he infused Dark Matter into it.  The downside of Wells trying to enhance himself is that it backfired and now he’s losing his intelligence.   Because he kept his Dark Matter usage a secret from the team, Cisco wants to develop one for himself, something he doesn’t want Cisco to use so he doesn’t lose his intelligence as well.  Iris and Barry are going back to their therapist to try and make sense of Ralph’s loss as he’s become a part of the Team Flash family.  Iris is opening up with the therapist.  Barry, not too much.  He’s dealt with a lot of loss throughout the years, so he’s acting like he’s over Ralph’s death.  We know the real deal though.

Team Flash gets a dimensional alert telling them that DeVoe is going after one of the remaining bus metas: Fallout, the person who generates nuclear energy that could destroy a city.  If he gains Fallout’s power, he could do some serious damage.  Barry realizes that he needs to get some help to transport Fallout to a safe location.  Cisco and Barry teleport to Earth-X where the Leonard Snart Earth-X doppelganger is still fighting Nazis.  Because Snart in that earth is Captain Cold there as well, he can use his cold gun to help cool down Fallout if he goes nuclear while being transported.  Little do they know, he’s also doing battle with Laurel Lance from Earth-X, who goes by “Siren-X,” and is a member of the Nazi bad guys that were taken down during the crossover episode.  While they transport back to Earth-1, Siren-X follows them back through the breach.  This Laurel Lance not only has the ability to use her power to have sonic screams, but she also has an echo ability to hear people from a far distance away, and she knows about Fallout, and she could use a bomb.

Snart agrees to help them, as long as he gets back in time to for his wedding to Ray Terrill (yay LGBT representation).  Snart chats with Team Flash to get updates on what’s going on and notices that Killer Frost is gone, but also learns about Ralph.  Snart isn’t buying that Barry is OK with his death and they have a long conversation about losing people.  Snart reveals that he’s lost thousands of people on Earth-X, and the only way to move past their loss is to grieve it.  Barry says he’s OK, but we and Snart know that he’s not over it.

The team prepares to move Fallout with Snart's help.  They put him in a protective suit and douse themselves with anti-radiation medication.  Of course, DeVoe shows up.  Barry uses the sonic pitchfork to stop DeVoe, but now within Ralph body, he’s impervious to the weapon.  This causes Barry to have a crisis and freeze.  Lucky for everyone, Sirin-X shows up and attacks all of them.  She then escapes with Fallout, Joe, and Iris.

DeVoe returns back to his lair upset.  He predicted everything that was going to happen.  He predicted Siren-X would come and that Barry would defeat her, allowing him to escape with Fallout.  However, with all his analysis and intelligence, he couldn’t predict Barry having strong emotions over Ralph, something his wife points out.  However, DeVoe silences her because he’s “the one who thinks.”  This is going to cause a problem between the married couple now.

Siren-X takes Fallout, Joe, and Iris to the police headquarters where Fallout starts to go radioactive.  Barry, Captain Cole, and Caitlin (with her own Captain Cold gun- why did they even need Snart?) head there to face against her.  Barry once again freezes in battle.  However, Snart convinces him to snap out of it and lead.  He manages to knock out Siren-X and then Snart and Caitlin cool down Fallout, saving the day.  Barry then leaves everyone so that he can properly grieve in peace, letting out a big ugly cry.

In the aftermath, Snart bids the team farewell so that he can attend his own wedding.  Caitlin discovers that Killer Frost may not be lost as some of her genes still have the Killer Frost metahuman gene.  She just has to find a way to get her back.  As for Fallout, he’s not out the woods.  Although he was taken to an ARGUS facility, DeVoe knows where it is and is free to try and find him.  But is his wife still on board?

Next week, Team Flash has to stop DeVoe before he enacts his next plan.