Teaser For Lars Von Trier's Cannes-Bound 'The House That Jack Built'

It used to be that you could count on just about every Lars Von Trier making its debut at Cannes, but in 2011 he was banned from the festival after some comments he made went over like a fart in a crowded elevator. He hasn't been back since, but the last few days there have been rumblings of his latest, The House That Jack Built, making its way to the festival. And now it's been confirmed, with a teaser to back it up.

Starring Matt Damon and Uma Thurman, the film centers on the murderous career of a hyper-intelligent serial killer. The brief 23-second teaser doesn't show much, but it's creepy enough with Dillon's evil smirk covered in blood.

Cannes hasn't let The House That Jack Built be part of the official competition slate but this is a good start to mending fences.