‘Supergirl’ S3E14 Recap: “Schott Through the Heart”

After a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG hiatus, Supergirl returns!

While the Worldkiller threat still looms, this week, we instead focus Winn as he has his own threat to deal with that not only will require the DEO’s help, but there’s also flying monkeys!  It opens up with Kara giving everyone a pep talk.  Are they about to go into battle with the Worldkillers?  Is there a new alien threat looming?  No, it’s karaoke night!  After all, when you’re not saving National City, you can still get your drank on!  Kara starts off doing Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” as the rest of the team get’s their share of singing, even J'onn’s father M'yrnn gets in on the fun.  James and Mon-El discuss happiness, and you can tell that whatever Saturn Girl told him, it’s bothering him.  Winn is about to sing again, when out of the corner of his eye he notices a news report that his father Winslow Schott Sr., AKA “Toyman” was killed in prison.  Talk about a damper for the night!

The next day, everyone is at Toyman’s funeral.  Winn just wants to get it over with, as evidenced by him nonchalantly throwing dirt on the casket as his father is being lowered.  Also at the funeral is his mother, and Winn isn’t happy to see her either as we’ll find out later on what his problem is with her as well.  Meanwhile, as his body is being lowered, Kara hears a jack in the box theme and realizes that there’s a bomb in the casket.  After rushing Winn and his mother to safety, they realize that Toyman’s legacy may live on.

Back at the DEO, Kara asks Win if his father is really dead.  Win, being the bookworm that he is, has already triple and quadruple checked by multiple medical examiners to verify that his father is in fact dead.  An angry and hurt Winn chalks it up that his father wanted one last hurrah of spectacle at his last funeral.  This leads them to believe that Toyman has an accomplice.  Meanwhile, Mon-El, still distraught over his wife’s reveal to him, tries to confide in with Kara.  It’s clear that he still has love for her, as evidenced by his big smile when seeing her at the karaoke bar.  He apologizes to her for lying about him being the prince of the Daxamites as he’s not on the end of a lie by his wife and Brainiac 5.  Kara promises that the two of them will discuss, but they are later interrupted before they can talk.

Winn’s mother somehow finds her way into the DEO, they will tackle pizza delivery people, but not sweet old ladies I guess.  Winn still isn’t interested in talking to her.  Turns out, she left him twenty years ago, forcing him into foster care.  With a supervillain for a father, and abandoned by his mother, it’s clear he has some unresolved issues.  Wanting nothing to do with his mother, she still presses on to try to get involved in his life, warning that his father’s revenge isn’t done, despite the fact that he’s dead.  Just when that happens, a bunch of flying monkey toys appear at the DEO and spell “Surrender Mary” in the sky before they attack everyone in the DEO.  Everyone at the DEO crunches down and fights off the toy monkeys, even James (who also has access to the DEO) as they all fight the monkeys off.

Alex and J'onn, however, weren’t there during all this.  Alex hasn’t gone to his house since he and his father got their own place to live in and pretty much peer pressured him into having a housewarming dinner.  While M'yrnn wanted to have pizza as he loves “tomato pie”, J’onn cooked for them.  They have a very interesting discussion about being black in America, which was refreshing for Supergirl.  The show has always been progressive as Alex’s sexuality has been at the forefront of the storyline of the show.  It’s good that they are also addressing the hard issues of being a black man in America.  J’onn tells Alex that while he took over Hank Henshaw and didn’t have a choice to appear as a black man, he easily could have shape-shifted into a white man if he chose to.  He feels that he should not have to change his color for society to accept him.  Bravo Supergirl, bravo!  Another problem that arises is that while Alex is talking with M’yrnn, she realizes that he’s being forgetful.  It’s not just forgetting that he and his son were supposed to cook instead of order pizza, he’s forgotten the fact that he previously had grandchildren.  He reveals to Alex that he is suffering from the Martian equivalent of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  He doesn’t want J’onn to know because they just got connected, and if he finds out that he’ll lose his father all over again, it would hurt him deeply.  Alex protests that he needs to tell his son and she will not lie to him, causing M’yrnn to yell at her and kick her out of the house, surprising J’onn.

In the aftermath of the flying monkey toy attack, Winn is examining one of the toys.  His mother tries to offer some assistance, much to his annoyance.  He finds out that his mother does have some experience with toys and mechanical things, much like he and his father did.  This causes him to warm up a little to her.  When she tells him about their “Disneyland” vacation, which he remembers and not going to the theme park because his mother got in a car accident.  She reveals that his abusive father tried to kill the both of them as they were trying to escape to a domestic shelter.  This makes Winn realize that he may have been too hard on his mother.  Winn’s mother recognizes something from one of the monkeys and lets herself out.  There, she goes to one of her ex-husband’s warehouses as she remembers the toy design.  There, she finds the real culprit, but is taken hostage.

Winn and everyone at the DEO receives a hostage video of his mother in one of the woman’s toys, threatening her life unless Winn shows up at the warehouse.  Kara offers to go and save her, as does Mon-El and James, but Winn insists that he goes as well as he now realizes that he cares for his mother.  At the warehouse, there are legions of deadly toys.  Everything from toy airplanes, toy bombs, even a life-size toy T-Rex attack the group.  Kara gets encased in a life-size Toy case, but is freed by Mon-El before she can suffocate.  Winn finds his mother, who is being held hostage by his father’s protégé.  Just as the woman is about to shoot Winn, he uses a reprogrammed toy flying monkey to knock her down, saving his mother.

With his mother saved, the group heads back to the karaoke bar for some drinking and singing.  There, Winn insists that he and his mother do a duet, which she agrees to do despite her hesitance.  At the bar, Mon-El finally gets his chance to talk with Kara about what his wife did that bothered him.  Kara interjects telling him that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of their drama.  Mon-El reassures her that he was not going to tell her about his wife, but about the plans as they directly affect her and the DEO.  Turns out, the third Worldkiller was the reason that the Legion came to National City thousands of years ago as it is responsible for their horrible future.  They will need to team up together to stop the Worldkillers.  Kara and Mon-El even offer to help each other train to be better to take them on.  Sparks still seem to be going for those two.  J'onn comes to the bar, but is distraught.  Turns out, his father finally told him the truth about his mental condition.  Alex immediately goes and gives her father-figure a much-needed hug.  James finally gets a hold of Lena Luthor, who he has been trying to call all episode.  She tells him that her “startup” has kept her busy, but she found out that Sam was the Worldkiller and has her in a prison.

Next week, Mon-El helps the DEO take the fight to the Worldkillers.  He even has his old school costume form the comics.