'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Sequel Will Take Spidey On A Global Adventure

Not everything can be about Avengers: Infinity War, some things have to be about Spider-Man, too. Let's face it, this entire week is going to be Marvel-owned and with so many press interviews going on there are updates on a variety of projects, like the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Kevin Feige, who only reveals things on his own time so this is purposeful, told io9 that Spider-Man's next solo movie will take him away from New York City and back to Europe...

“We start filming early July. We film in London. We shot first film in Atlanta. And we shoot a lot of films in London but there’s another reason we’re shooting in London which is, yes, Spidey, of course, will spend some time in New York, but he’ll spend some time in other parts of the globe.”

Spidey was last in Germany for that big fight scene in Captain America: Civil War. Doubtful he's going back there for anything of that magnitude, but a global adventure does open up the possibilities of some unexpected villains. Maybe the return of Batroc the Leaper, last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Eh, probably not.

The sequel will take place after the events of Infinity War and Avengers 4, making it an importance showcase for whatever the MCU will be in Phase 4, and that done by design. Feige tells IGN...

“We loved how the events of ‘Civil War,’ for as dramatic and intense and politically complex as they were, we loved how Peter dealt with it [in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’],” said Fiege. “And how Peter dealt with it is, he then went and tried to go back to a normal life. What is it like to try to go back to a normal life after what happens in this movie [‘Infinity War]? Not to mention what happens in the next [‘Avengers’] movie. It’s fun to see that, because he can represent, you know, the world as a whole, as they try to move forward. And you can do it in a way that is tonally unique, and tonally different than, certainly, the two ‘Avengers’ films that people are about to see.”

Spider-Man: European Vacation opens July 5th 2019.