Paramount Confirms 'A Quiet Place' Sequel, Shocking No One

In news that I'm sure will have you floored, Paramount has confirmed a sequel to John Krasinski's smash hit A Quiet Place is in the works. The announcement was made during their presentation at CinemaCon, but if you're hoping for much in the way of details then sorry to disappoint.

Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos confirmed the followup film, saying it would be led by “the same group of people that made the first film.” What does that mean exactly? Is Krasinski coming back to direct? Or is he referring to the return of writers Bryan Woods and Scott Beck who have already said they have ideas for a sequel in mind? Krasinski might be preoccupied as he's signed on to direct sci-fi film Life on Mars.

It's way too early to know anything at this point. There's no way Paramount predicted the little $17M horror would go on to have a $50M opening weekend and earn more than $230M in less than a month. The only question now is how do you capitalize on that kind of success? Do you have a direct sequel with the same characters and creative team? Or do you go in a direction similar to Cloverfield, telling offshoot stories set in the same universe? [Slashfilm/THR]