More Details On 'Birds Of Prey' And Its Impact On 'Suicide Squad 2'

There's a good and bad side to the news that Cathy Yan would be directing the Harley Quinn spinoff, Birds of Prey. The good is that Yan is a talented female director getting her shot at a major franchise with a huge star in Margot Robbie. The bad is that it comes at the expense of Suicide Squad 2, which has apparently been delayed from its planned shoot at the end of the year. Variety's Justin Kroll tweets the details...

Kroll's point is a good one, but a more relevant example would be the way Wonder Woman was introduced first in Batman v Superman before launching into a solo movie. That worked like gangbusters, and Warner Bros. hopes that plan works again for Aquaman.

And I guess this serves as "confirmation" Batgirl will be in Birds of Prey, which makes sense considering Christina Hodson is also writing her solo movie.

As for Suicide Squad 2, the last we heard it is to be directed by The Accountant's Gavin O'Connor. Considering how popular that film was despite poor reviews I expect a new start date will be revealed soon and they won't keep fans waiting too long.