Marvel Won't Have A Hall H Panel At Comic-Con This Year

If, like me, you were ready to steamroll people to get into San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H to find out details on Marvel Phase 4 it may be time to find something else to do. This past weekend was the big press junket for Avengers: Infinity War, so there are tons of little news bits coming out, some important most not so important. Kevin Feige dropped a minor bombshell by revealing that Marvel will not be at Hall H this year, which is kind of a shock. Here's what he actually said...

“We’re going to do um, of course, Marvel will have a presence there.Marvel Studios will have a presence there only in that there will be 10th-anniversary materials and a 10th-anniversary panel. Not doing Hall H this year”

I wouldn't be surprised if there was something new during the 10th anniversary panel, but one never knows. The timing just doesn't make sense. Marvel has a lot they could be showing this summer, like revealing the Avengers 4 title (They can't keep it secret forever!!), maybe some footage from Captain Marvel, perhaps set dates for the other Phase 4 movies. And there's no Disney D23 convention going on so there isn't even that excuse to fall back on. Maybe those rumors of Marvel starting their own convention are actually true?

Perhaps with Ant-Man and the Wasp opening two weeks before SDCC they just feel it's a good time to kick back and relax for once.

Nah, that doesn't sound like Feige at all.  I expect there will be plenty of Marvel to be found, though. We may just have to walk around the show floor to find it, or maybe corner Robert Downey Jr. at the Starbucks and press him for information.

This assumes Feige is telling the truth. It could be a ruse on his part but I don't really see the point. And in 2015 Marvel said they were skipping it and that's precisely what they did, leaving the door open for Warner Bros. to have one of their biggest presentations. I expect that's what will happen again if Marvel opts out.

On the plus side it's one less Chris Hardwicke appearance to sit through. Hooray.