John Krasinski Goes From 'A Quiet Place' To Sci-Fi Thriller 'Life On Mars'

John Krasinski's A Quiet Place is what everyone is talking about right now. The near-silent horror film has earned more than $85M after only a week, crushing its tiny $17M budget and getting talks started for a sequel. But will Krasinski return to direct it? That much is unclear, but we know he'll be doing something else first.

Krasinski will direct sci-fi thriller Life On Mars, an adaptation of Cecil Castellucci's short story We Have Always Lived on Mars. The story follows a human colony living on Mars many years after a cataclysm on Earth. When it's discovered that one woman can breath Mars' air, it changes her world and those of the people around her.

The film will reunite Krasinski with Paramount and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes label, both involved with A Quiet Place. No writer is attached at this point and it looks like Krasinski will be staying behind the camera and not taking an on-screen role. But what about his wife, Emily Blunt? Maybe she'd be interested in the lead? [THR]